Investment options

Sofia Business Tower provides option for office project development in Sofia, Bulgaria. Growing demand for offices Class A of major international companies in the capital and the competitive yield in Bulgaria compared to other markets in Central and Eastern Europe, gives an opportunity for investors to develop a business environment that will be among the emblematic investments in Bulgarian office market.

There are three types of conceptual projects that can be flexible in its development according to the needs of prospective investors. Each one of them is impressive by itself and has huge prospects.  Located in most preferable business area these projects can change the appearance of a city and become its symbol.

Investment Option 1 includes a 24-floor building (Block A) and an 8-floor building (Block B and C), three ground floors and four underground levels with total of 675 parking spaces.

Investment Option 2 includes a 24-floor building divided into two blocks (Block A - 24 storey block B - 17 floors) and 8 storey detached hotel with a total built-up area of ​​3,683.43 sq.m with a total of 709 parking spaces.

Investment Option 3 consists of two office buildings (Building A - 24 floors and building B - 17 floors), 8 storey hotel and 8 storey car park with a total of 739 parking spaces